Hello and welcome to!
Purpose of this site is to host RPG Maker MV/MZ
and some other pieces of software.

About OcRam

OcRam is my alias for example in RPG Maker Web forums. I am a professional Full Stack Developer and programming is my passion.

I have started programming in 1995 - and still doing it. Currently working with ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, HTML/JS and MS-SQL

Demo -projects

Here you can download demo project(s) which will introduce all of my plugins!

RMMV demo! (118 Mb)
RMMZ demo! (44 Mb)

In case of bugs send report. Reports must include screenshot from console (push F8 or F12) and description where it came.

Recent events

2020 October
  • 2020/10/28 New OcRam demo with pixel move and followers plugin!
  • 2020/10/10 Released OcRam_Movement, OcRam_Parallels and some updates!
2020 September
  • 2020/09/30 Released OcRam Demo for RPG Maker MZ!


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