Hello and welcome to!
Purpose of this site is to host RPG Maker MV/MZ
and some other pieces of software.

About OcRam

OcRam is my alias for example in RPG Maker Web forums. I am a professional Full Stack Developer and programming is my passion.

I have started programming in 1995 - and still doing it. Currently working with ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, HTML/JS and MS-SQL

Demo -projects

Here you can download demo project(s) which will introduce all of my plugins!

RMMV demo! (~118 Mb)
RETRO demo! (~120 Mb)
RETRO Plugin Command UI! (~26 kb)
RMMZ demo! (~55 Mb)

In case of bugs send report. Reports must include screenshot from console (push F8 or F12) and description where it came.

Recent events

2022 January
  • 2022/01/23 Released major update. New map transfer and credits plugins! Also has pixel move + coop revamp!
2021 December
  • 2021/12/01 Released major update (all plugins) + new weathers and title plugins!


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